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Back in 1949 a man known to many Houstonians simply as Richard opened his first liquor store at 2124 South Shepherd. In the old country, his family drank wine with every evening meal, so it was only natural for Richard to become Houston's first serious wine merchant. His philosophy: know your product well, keep prices low and treat your customers like family. This is the philosophy that still guides us today. More »
When: August 20, 2014
Where: Richard's - 1900 Shepherd Drive
Our next session will feature three wonderful Pinot Noir's from three top California Wine Producers: David Bruce Laetitia Saintsbury Hosted this week by Glazer's Wine Specialists - Reed Brown who will take us through the different methods of production and vinticulture for each of these fine Pinot Noirs. This is sure to be a great experience to learn and taste these new world light reds from sunny California! See you at Richard's Liquors and Fine Wine - 1900 South Shepherd Wednesday August 20, 2014 - 7:00 to 8:00 PM
When: M - S 10:00 am to 9:00 PM
Where: Shepherd and San Felipe
Located on the corner of San Felipe and South Shepard. Stop in to see Jared, Rudy, Josh, Vanessa and Scott for all of your wine, liquor and beer needs. They can assist you in services such as custom baskets and deliveries. Jared and his team also host the FREE Wednesday evening in-store wine and spirits education classes. We look forward to seeing you!
When: Everyday
We have experts standing by to help you! We can do in house tastings, educations, lectures, or just plain consulting for all your wine, beer, and liquor needs. Call or stop by and we can help you!
Where: Richard's Kirby Location
Visiting our Kirby location? Be sure to stop by and explore the latest discounted selection from Kevin Connell, Richards Wine Lead. Kevin has assembled a large selection of high quality Red and White Burgundy Wines that are aged and ready to drink. MOST IMPORTANT is that these wines are priced well below retail and they are READY for your special dinner tonight!
It's that time of year for all those hard to get wines. Start calling now to reserve your share of our allocated great wines! Ask to speak to Kevin Connell or Charlie Skeen for more information.